Antonov AN-124 overshoots the runway in Novosibirsk after engine failure.


Yesterday on Friday 13th Nov, Antonov  AN-124 suffered an uncontained engine failure shortly after take off from Novosibirsk in Russia and return to make an emergency  landing. After landing  the aircraft overruns the runway, causing the nose gear snap. All the people and crew onboard are said to be safe.

Incident details-

The AN-124 registered as RA-82042, was on it's way to Vienna from Seoul. Having made an overnight positioning stop in Novosibirsk, the aircraft was ready and prepared  to depart from Veinna, completing the second leg of flight VI4066. 

The aircraft departed on Novosibirsk from Runway 25 and begins it's Ascent. At around 1800 feet from MSL, All contact with the aircraft was lost, both transponder as well as radio communication system failed.

Aircraft struggle to slow down, and overshoots the end of the runway by some safety measures.

As the plane plowed into the way, the nosegear snapped into the snow, leaving it's nose down on the ground.

According to the pilot-

The second engine exploded and cut electrical supply, so we lost all of the electricity and we decided to return Aerodrome of departure on an aircraft having a total electrical failure. And We lost all of the radio communication both inter cockpit and Also with ATC. We are just gained altitude of 1000ft and we are crew of 6 and other technical crew of 8 . We took a decision to return to Aerodrome of departure visually, we try to establish visual communication with the ATC but it didn't work. We took a decision to land on Runway 25 since it's a critical situations. We didn't have a lot of Altitude and excess thrust. 

Their was complete electrical failure breaks didn't works and reverse thrust didn't work either since the supply were cut due the engine failure.

The landing was soft, there was no damage during touch down all of the damage was due to the Runway excursion. The gauges in the cockpit didn't work, from the Angle of attack we figure out the speed was 150 knots, It was calculated Air speed. We haven't even a raised the flaps just raised the gear. We still have control over the aircraft. And we manage to land the aircraft properly.

Video footage of the aircraft shows it making a turn back to the airport with smoke trailing from at least one engine.

Video fottage- FSX Aviation.

This footage below is from Air traffic control tower.

Video fottage- FSX Aviation.

Incident Aircrafts details-

RA-82042 is a 31 years old AN-124, which has been in operation with Volga-dnper since July 1991.

The aircraft was havealy damaged due to the runway excursion. The fractured turbine caused damage to it's wing, with inboard left wing slats and also part of the left fuselage penetrated by debris.

There were 83.5 tonnes of cargo on board at that time. Meanwhile Missing cowling belonging to Engine No-2 was found in the open field. One part fell from the plane around 2nm away from the airport and crashed through the roof of warehouse.

The building was damaged, but nobody on the ground was hurt/injured.

Upon touch down the AN-124 overuns the runway by 200m ( 650 feet), during which time the front landing gear collapsed. No injuries were sustained among 14 passengers on board.

Investigation launched by the west siberia transportation prosecution office-

Investigation committee of Russia is conducting pre-investigation check under part-1 of Art.263, of the criminal code of Russian federation.

"An investigation team currently investigating the scene, including Aircraft and other verification activities. 

Aviation updates-

"Emirates sky cargo" introduces the first A380 mini freighter-

Emirates sky cargo introduces a A380 mini freighter for chartered operations in response to market demand and for additional cargo capacity. 

The first dedicated Emirates A380 ' mini freighter' successfully transported medical supplies between Seoul and Amsterdam. Via Dubai.

The Air cargo carrier has optimised the cargo capacity of the Airbus A380 to safely transport around 50 tonnes of cargo per flight in the bellyhold of Aircraft. 

Emirates sky cargo is working on further optimising the capacity of A380 Aircraft through measures as seat loading of cargo and has planned more dedicated cargo flights on Aircrafts for the month of November.

A leading player in the global air cargo industry with a destination network spread across 6 continents. Emirates sky cargo has continued introduce new innovative cargo solutions inline with rapidly evolving market conditions since the start of covid-19 pandemic. 

Emirates sky cargo currently offers cargo capacity on scheduled flights to 135 destinations across the globe.

Emirates is the largest operator of A380, and they are successfully operating it, while other airlines are started retiring A380. But why they retiring A380?- 

The raise and fall of an A380.


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